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Pagosa Springs Colorado-This exceptional structure is designed by Formworks and is far below cost of construction yet still needs some work to finish it.

This is a one of a kind opportunity and it is priced to sell. It is designed specifically for survival and survival situations.


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The House You Need for the future

January 2014

J. Akin


What is the biggest fare in all the known universe? A pile of debris called Fukushima Nuclear Reactor in Japan.

Of all the known universes, as in one in our house,  we believe that our air/food/supplies system has to be rewritten as quickly as possible.

I am ready to outlay ideas to anyone out there who thinks it time to share how to build one for real.

The perfect house is expensive and to be honest, outside the range of most of us, at present.

We must find leadership which holds value to house building for anyone and ALL, especially for the dreamers who can see the why of it.

People have said this before and I believe they are right because the expensive home is odd/strange and it is bizarre and bizarre indicates that few people really want it to keep going for any reason called longevity of our species.

Is the threat in Fukushima going to go away?

The price of that is unknown but, what if it does create the effective China Syndrome and what if the pile blows up and doesn’t end its tyranny in blasting out radiation for years to come?

What would we do if the Pacific all died, as it seems to be doing off of the West Coast of California now?

Why are there so many dead zones taking place in the Gulf of Mexico and why are we losing value on the East side of North America as well as far as sea life goes?

It seems the harder man tries to fix the problem, the worse things get, as if no one realizes that many are preventable, and many are needed as object lessons to teach us that expensive in bad doesn’t mean good except for in this case a charge of electrons that will not leave, as in Chernobyl once having been seen as the Worm of All Wood.

I am convinced that when we decide to build, our world will change for the better.

I am convinced that one day people will see that Worlds Best House Type will be an earth house or EARTH HOUSE.

What is the concept?

If we were to take a village, in the future, we would want that village to be self sufficient in all means and ways. We would have ALL things for the House as a future repository of our insight and it would mean FULL SUFFICIENCY in direction of protection of our resources, protection of our land and home so NO ONE can enter into our land without our permission.

Some might say that is wrong, I say it should be contact via a phone/gate but not always the front door IF there are troubles in the land.

This way we offer respect and this is critical in our land where everyone from thief to law thinks their right supersedes our own.

This is why I think the world will destroy this form of home I envision UNLESS we can find a way of helping those who have insight to law and life, especially when it comes to pure and rough vision for land that enjoins itself to one another who have undercover visions.

Under Cover?

A way of saying that not all roads meet at our door.

The fact is that cover of law is power to steal the land and destroy the home and its contents for simply saying “A neighbor complained and found you negligent in your life and style.”

Or, your cows produce good but don’t sell to anyone. Or, the power of your vegetables are offending other sellers and we must make sure you don’t produce anything of value from your home.

None of these is without permission of heaven of course but God goes easy on those who arm themselves and protect what is theirs and keep happy when things go down the tubes around you, and perhaps more importantly, you live with neighbors who protect themselves just like you and keep watch when you cannot and care, as in just caring, for the rights of every individual as long as they obey law of sound if at all possible.

Quiet is best but when machines run, it must be our job to find quiet is so quiet dozes around us without stirring up hate or anger.

That is why radios are the power of communication and aerials are the power of transforming land and scape to all comers that we are here protecting our rights but not for law to take away that right of helping ourselves or one   another.

The real house is at its essence fully self sufficient. Full self sufficient MEANS that we are Patriots which means people who protect, like the rangers in Lord of the Rings, who travel the land to look for oddities in nature or probe into issues around us and find out why, in a very just and kind way, these things are happening.

The full Patriot of life must begin with a causative of life in chance and begin to probe forth in all directions to find out IF there are any who can build such a self sufficient home that builds into it the principle I call of “Making the home work for you” .

This work for you is an idea I’ve been thinking of over the years because it meets criteria of help in times of trouble if you have a dozen little jobs, but in a way you can ‘automate’  them by linking to places/ideas/dreams of others and by making the House pick up the slack with new ideas on technology or software or simply by being on land where instruments can share data say with a weather service or by being involved in community growing with cattle or crops on a scale of share and share and share until the system begins to build foundations of wealth.

The Earth House is built smooth. It provides a ‘Scape to the wind. It holds its own in an earthquake or storm that ships out all other houses designed without any protection for the home when trials start.

It is fire free and loves the attempts to find a way in because the blocks can be designed with steel and earth/concrete and all the things in our house build up over time so it is based on walking from location to location as if our world existed there with dreams at every step, yet land built upon principles of lean and survival in lean and survival where we survive because we don’t just have supplies but we learn to build supplies by producing at ever turn of our Earth House.

If we are to ever see this home go forward we have to find willing and find people who can make it happen.

This is why I speak of millions just to design the first concept Earth House. It must be free to go into anyWILDdirection you can imagne.

The price of hydro power, wind, solar, energy patterns of nature translated first to life and then to our home so we have backup after backup in case something ‘out there’  goes really wrong, like Fukushima and its history of filling up land with more electrons out of whack then any other world in history itself.

We are in dire straights.

The power of prayer can change us or US in A things but only if we stop pointing law at each other over every oddity of survival and its people who want to think outside the box.

We have to grow up and this means homes for the homeless and homes for the disabled, among which, at present, I am.

Thus when you find time to read and think,  know that I have ideas because I think and dream for them to become reality.

Please drop me a line to tell me you can do it and then talk via email, as I have a problem with my voice, and let me know how far you want to go as I need those who WILL GO ALL THE WAY WITHOUT LOSING HEART over any form of helping outside the will of todays law.

We must begin before ‘they’  turn around again and again and shout us down or try to build laws against our dream of total self sufficiency.

Joel Akin



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