Survival Readiness

September 11, 2001 will be remembered for a long time to come. Who among us could have forseen such a horrific end to the symbols of economic power in New York. Yet one of the main goals of Earth House IS to help you prepare as much as possible for the unforseen whether by the hand of evil terrorists or the uncertain whims of nature.There are going to be more disasters and though I wish it otherwise I think these terrors will only increase.We must stop saying, "It won't happen here and start preparing the best that we can. Read and learn from Earth House and see what you can do to protect yourself.

Alloy Castings-They provide 'old fashioned' fire alarms, lighting poles and more of very high quality.

Disaster news Network-You will find updated reports on US, weather related disasters.

Fords MTM-Looking for alternative energy and survival supplies? This online site just seems to have that 'feel' of survival stores you visit in person. Must be the flashy lights.

Forest City Surplus-Canadian site that provides a huge amount of cool products from survival supplies to spy equipment

~Global disaster watch-A good site to find out what is going wrong on planet earth.

Investment Insights-Take a look at Projects and Residential Construction. Alberta would be the place to go if there were a great disaster. Thats what I always said.

Mad River Canoe-Makers of some of the finest canoes out there.

Natural Resources Canada-Huge list of information from Earthquakes to topographic maps and much more.

Nuclear War Survival Skills-Shelter chapter-Best place? Underground.

Plague-The Great Plague stalked England in 1665. It struck London particularly hard – by year's end, some 100,000 people had died terrible deaths. Learn more about it.

RSOE Havaria-Emergency and information services.

Senator Byron-He's working on the New Homestead Act. Its purpose is to help bring Americans back to the country.

The Survival Center-family preparedness center. Lots of supplies to choose from.

Survival Supply-retail to the general public many different products including generators, kerosene Cook-Stoves and lanterns, Heat&Cook indoor/outdoor fuel cans, tents emergency radios, mylar bags, and freeze-dried foods in bulk. Canada

Troubled Times-"The Pole Shift is Coming" plus other interesting bits of info to prepare you for that day.

USGS-This page lists the earthquake activity from around the world for the last seven days.

World Trade Center-Read this interesting interview before the cataclysm which destroyed them