Strange Worlds


The Yaodong, a traditional Chinese underground dwelling More On Yaodong's

Alien underground bases are just some of the strange worlds you will find on this page. Read about secret societies and chambers, people who came FROM the underground, technology that can 'see' your underground home from the surface and so many other strange and bizarre things from our under world. What is it about strange worlds that people find so fascinating? Is it not the unknown? The mysteries that science cannot or will not explain? Stories that are so unbelievable that it strains our credulity? or technology so advanced it also seems more a rumor then reality?

Anazazi-Even these mysterious and vanished people built what we now call the Pithouse.

Buy Lunar Rock from Boggy Creek.Primarily Ray DeRusse founded the project and a few interested friends as time allowed. During the course of extracting (cleaning), environmental debris from Boggy Creek, a few blocks from the University of Texas near downtown Austin, many unusual rock samples and artifacts were found.

Crptozoology-out of time and out of scale. Things like Loch Ness, and the creature of Boggy Creek. An old docu-drama they did on a creature that terrorized an Arkansas town in 1973. Legend:

Does the Bible Allow for Aliens-Alan Dewalton believes so and he writes about it here.

Entropist-how the military conquered the natives of subterranean earth.

~~GPR Secret Discoveries-Every once in a while you find oddities supposedly discovered using present day technology. Are there tunnel complexes under the pyramids?

HAARP-With this technology you can detect and create images of underground structures.

"Les Troglodytes"-Visit Matmata as seen in the Movie Star Wars.

Mystery Lights-Web site dedicated to those unexplainable lights from around the world.

Ripley's believe it or not. The strange, bizarre, biggest, weirdest etc.

Project Terraform-To turn an underground ICBM missile silo into a self-contained Martian Environment.

Satellite Discoveries-Eye in the sky. The world is filled with mysteries some of which are only seen from orbit.

Satellite Images show Atlantis-Satellite photos of southern Spain reveal features on the ground appearing to match descriptions made by Greek scholar Plato of the fabled utopia.

Scotts Grotto-Visit these underground chambers

The Faile Effect-What do you do when parts of your body and objects around you begin to turn transparent? Call H.G. Wells or write about it in this article?.

The Octopus Document-Are you a believer in conspiracy's? Here is all kinds of stuff to fill your fancy but read at your own risk. Someone may be watching....

Secret underground tunnels-A book was written showing where some of these alien creations were located.

~~Underground People-Ever wonder where they came from?

WT Wallingtons-Forgotten Technology-How did they move massive multi-ton blocks? This fellow shows one way it might have been accomplished.

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The Pump-These folks believe they have discovered how the pyramids were built.

moon cities

Sensation-Cities Found on the Moon- Pravda Paper talks about the strange images discovered on the moon.

Wally_Dome integraton

The Integraton-"The purpose of the Integratron is to recharge energy into living cell structure, to bring about longer life with youthful energy." GV Tassel California


Penn's Cave-I knew there were places like this in the USA but I stumbled on this place by accident. Take a one hour ride by boat through this cave and explore nature. They also have a wildlife park. PA

Centralia PA

Centralia, PA-Beneath The town that was. Fire is still burning under this ghost town.

Anomalies Network-Ufo’s, conspiracy, strange events in space are the fare for those visiting with a thirst for the unexplained.