I would like to welcome you to Sanctuaries, a place to rest amidst turmoil. Here you will find a large list of shelters, both above and below ground at prices almost everyone can include in their budget. The majority of people believe that the cold war is over, the danger from nuclear bombs is a far-fetched event. Nuclear bombs will be used. Its only a matter of time.

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Blast Shelter Homepage-Learn about underground shelters and safe shelters of various types.

The Construction of Underground Shelters-Instructions on building these shelters in the mountains or polar regions. Several parts plus other interesting articles of survival on this site.

Expedient Shelter-Lets say you live in an apartment or a mobile home. What will you do? Here are some common sense ideas that could save your life. From Utah Shelter Systems

Fallout Shelter-Can be used as storm or root cellar. Includes pictures and design.

Gravity Detectors-New technology helps these units detect underground bunkers.

Huntsville learns to live with Tornadoes-USA Today article describes the fear some have for having goen thru one of these killer storms.

The individual shelter-Here is an plan to build a personal shelter in one week.

Nevada Test Sites-For two nuclear tests on various types of structures to see which would withstand the blast.

Nuclear War Survival Skills-In this chapter you'll learn why you need to keep your survival shelter cool.

Shelter Construction-Excerpts and information on design and problems faced.

Should Hurricanes come-South Carolina man will head underground. CNN Story.

Storm Shelters-So you want to build a shelter? Find out if you live in a particularly dangerous area by visiting this page.

~The Mobile Home Dilemna-Having lived in a mobile home I've often wondered what to do in case of a tornado. Your vehicle is actually safer being built to withstand winds of 120 plus while your trailer will blow over at 80 mph.

Tornado Project Online-Huge resource on shelters, storm chasing, plus products you can buy.

Utah Shelter Systems-Very well done site on nuclear war and why to prepare.


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UCLA-Tiny, Wireless MEMS Sensors Could Find Terrorists Hiding in Caves of Afghanistan or Underground Bunkers


Tornado Shelter instruction video- Believe it or not the above addition to this house is a reinforced shelter designed to withstand a torndo