Door_Two Museum of fa

Museum of FA-Created by Michael Cremo, a proponent of Hindu Creationism, who is considered an expert by some on anomalous artifacts. This link leads into the strange stuff found by the California Gold Rush diggers.

heretics_et_al heretics

Heretics et al-Daring to explore our earth's past and the universe before us with an open mind.


Stargods-Run by a Christian but covers some very bizarre ideas. When I visited Clinton was a shape shifting alien. Also some info on giants. I call this a fun site.

Perhaps one reason we want to believe is when the laws of science are broken the perpetrators are said not to exist. Who would want to live under such laws and under such authority? JTA


The Bible UFO Guide-Ultimate guide the the Bible and UFO's. It does cover anomalous artifacts as well. A well researched site.


Immanuel Velikovsky Archive-Perhaps one of my favorite writers. I'll have to spend more time on this site as it lists some of his unpublished writings.


The Peopling of America's -Bits and pieces of artifacts and other things discovered that just don't fit into the normal flow of history.

Its been over twenty years since I first heard about Ooparts. These are artifacts that have been found that are out of place. Take for example a finely crafted gold necklace dug out of and embedded in a coal bed. Or human remains and artifacts found in a gelogical deposit stated to be 3.5 billion years old. There are a lot of very odd and strange things buried out there, some yet waiting to be discovered. Main stream science refuses to recognize these things and there is some evidence that oddities such as these are ignored or covered up simply because they cannot be easily explained. Still, I thought it would be interesting to present various links that deal with these strange but fascinating occurences.

Amazing Ancients-Huge page that lists to some very odd stuff including dinosaurs of the gobi.

Ancient American-Speaks of many mysterious finds that do not fit into modern archaeology. You can order their magazine. Ancient site in Illinois.

Ancient Anomalies-Huge list from About.com regarding all kinds of oddities found around the world.

Anomalies Unlimited-An odd site. Once you're finished looking at ooparts check out his main page. Yikes.

Atlantis-Various folks who have searched for this ancient civilization. Author done a great job on putting it together.

Atlantis Rising-Want something more substantial? You can listen to interviews on your favorite 'alternative' subjects, read strange articles, forbidden knowledge, anomalies and more.

Evolution-A Fairy Tale for grownups. Click for more.

Harpers Magazine-The day the earth stood still. A view of what happened during biblical days.

Mother Shipton's Cave-Link to the 'prophecies' and information on the site where she was supposed to be born.

Mysterious Earth Blog-Covering some odd features around the world

Mysterious Origins of Man-From Dinosaur pictures found in South America to information on Egypt and the age of their buildings.

Ooparts-What it is, the term and description from Wikipedia.

Ooparts-Very large page linking to a multitude of sites.

PIECES Out Of Time The Unexplained -objects in the world, ones that hold a great deal of fascination for me are what I categorize as "ancient anomalies." Also called "ooparts," these are ...

Project Tatra-I've read this story with some amazement. It seems like Science Fiction. Is there a cave in Slovakia with a massive and very ancient artifact the size of a tower?

Steve Quayle-I check his site out everyday to read the story of the day. He has a lot of information on giants. I find stories of giants one of the most intriguing on Oopart history.

Surfing the Apocalypse-This guy has a huge lot of links that will take you into the strange world of Ooparts. When you're done with this page visit his main page for some really neat stories and links.

View Zone-Some very odd stories from around the world.

Xenophilia-Ancient batteries, computers and other oddities. Nice little writeups with a refreshingly cautious viewpoint

X-facts-Some anomalies and online audio/video of Sumerian Culture.

X-Project Paranormal Magazine-Some stuff on UFO's, strange and weird, cryptozoology and a lot of true but odd stuff.

X-treme Truth-You'll find an anomalous section which shows some images I've not seen before including a fossilized finger.

World Mysteries-Neat site. Take a peek at the Strange Artifacts section..

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Spheroids-These spheres were found during the excavation of silver ore in South Africa. They were artificial.


The Museum of Unnatural History-Very cool site which covers geology, history, astronomy but from the odd side. This almost appears to be a real place.


The Coso artifact-One of the most unusual geodes ever discovered appeared to have a spark plug in the center of it.


Great Beasts Peppered from Space-BBC-Startling evidence has been found which shows mammoth and other great beasts from the last ice age were blasted with material that came from space.


Judaculla Rock-Deep in the mountains of Jackson County, just outside Sylva, North Carolina, sets a large, baffling stone. It is a soapstone boulder, and it's covered with a plethora of strange drawings that some archaeologists believe may be 2,000 to 3,000 years old