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The Cabinet War Rooms- Underground fortress where Churchill worked, slept and ate with his military staff during the bombing of England.

Where are these hangouts for the military? All over the world. I decided to try and find as many underground installations as I could both past and present. I'll be adding to this page as I find em. Write Joel


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Mis-Silo Homes


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American Fortresses



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Above Top Secret-Underground bases lecture with Phil Schneider

Coast to Coast-a panorama of a proposed underground NAZI MagLev tube shuttle train station, as well as the proposed route for the tunnel network in Europe. These plans are circa 1938.

Cold War Nuclear Bunkers-An illustrated history of the Western World's major Cold War underground civil and military command bunkers and early-warning radar systems.

~Dutch Tunnels and Holes and the International Underground-All kinds of old military installations, interesting drains, mines, tunnels and so on.

England's Secret Nuclear Bunker-Step inside to one of Britains best kept secret in this innocent looking bungalow built during the cold war.

Fort Siloso-This place is also known as Fortress Singapore and is the first underground military complex. Lots of pictures.

Gems Locater-Made in Germany. Find buried targets and tunnels.

German Underground Hospital-The German Occupation of Jersey during the Second World War lasted almost five years and, like invaders down the centuries before them the occupiers left an indelible mark not just on the Island's history but also on its landscape.

Humans Underground-Interesting information on the history of underground living and also some info on military complexes I have not seen anywhere else.

Kargill, India-More than 2000 underground bunkers will be built in this area near the Pakistan border.

Marines make startling finds on cave walls- KANDAHAR, Afghanistan -- The guns and ammunition were expected. The poster of New York's Twin Towers set against Afghan mountains was not.

Pacific Wreck Database-Goa Japang is a cave used by the Japanese in WW II. Other information here of great interest.

Pine Gap-Australian base which is believed to be run by the US underground.

Russian Threat-Then and now-Russia has hidden nuclear missiles in deep underground bunkers.

Secret Bunker-Scotland's Best kept secret until recently.

Saddam Tunnels for his weapons-So deep in the earth that their ears pop.

Underground Bunker busting Robots-Can deliver these huge bombs to their target without the need to send in troops.

Underground Kent-Very neat site of underground mines and military fortifications. From the time of Napolean to World War II and more.

Washinton Times-Moscow Builds bunkers against nuclear attack.

What Lies Beneath-Grab your hard hat and journey deep underground. Inside Out delves into the world of underground man-made structures to find out what really lies beneath your feet.UK

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White Cliffs Underground-Exploration of Ex-military Tunnels, Fortifications and Underground Works in the Folkestone, Dover, and St. Margaret's Area of Kent


os Friction Magazine

Friction Magazine- Titled Osama and Dick Humorous look at "The Cave" or VP Cheney's Underground Complex.


British Cave ExplorersRescued in Mexico-I've read quite a bit on this story of British Military men who explored this cave and were trapped by rising flood waters. It is still a mystery as to why they were there and why they refused help from Mexican authorities and why no one was allowed access to this area until all the equipment was removed.