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Big Eye-Gateway to the Internet. A great place to do research and covers a whole lot of stuff regular search engines won't get to. For intelligent people.


Earth Research is your chance to dig a little deeper on your own. Take these web tools and go out and find things that interest you deeply. Know of a great and specific tool for this page? Write Joel

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Accoona-Chinese based search program covers the web and Chinese businesses.

Architecture Week-Also includes Great Buildings. You can search by famous buildings, architects or places. For example a search of Wright under Architects brought up 30 results some which give actual pictures of the buildings he built. Pretty nice

Ask The Brain-Computer generated encyclopedia.

Earth Easy-Ideas for sustainable living.

Earth Toys-Energy Resource. If Earth House is not enough for you then stop by this site for some really great links, news and more.

ENN-Environmental news network.

Freeality-You will be able to find people on and offline with these tools. There are some that you have to pay for but I suggest you look here to see if its free first.

Free Downloads Center-Many free tools. Want something for your images? Try Trouths Gif Optimizer.

GifWorks-You can input an image from the net or your hard-drive while you're online.

High-Beam Research-Type in your search phrase and find all kinds of articles. This holds more then 28 million documents going back 20 years. Tons of stuff on the underground.

Journal of Extension-How about Earth Sheltered housing?

Language Tools-Thesaurus, translator and tons more stuff for those who like to research like I do.

Info.Com-12 search engines in one plus worldwide and UK search info.

Science Reference Services-Underground Architecture. Talks about some of the benefits to working with the earth. Uses technical terms for earth sheltered living I've never heard of like psammotectural.

SEOChat-Search Engine chatline. Want to increase visitors to your site? Then register here for free advice.

Technology Review-emerging technologies and their impact from MIT.

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