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Alternative Construction Methods-Frequently asked questions explained.

DENE-HOLES, the name given to certain caves or excavations in England, which have been popularly supposed to be due to the Danes or some other of the early northern invaders of the country.

Electro Industries-Energy related dictionary-One of the largest lists I've seen on the net for this subject.

Geothermal glossary-from the govt site Energy Information Administrative.

Natural Building Techniques-Terms such as Adobe to strawbale.

Non-Timber Building materials-Glossary of materials one can use in construction that doesn't require cutting down a tree.

The Nuttall Encyclopdia, edited by the Reverend James Wood (1907 Gives explanation of Earth Houses.

One Look -Search a multitude of online dictionary websites.

Sound Home Resource Center- A Comprehensive Source of Information regarding: Home Construction, Home Remodeling and Home Maintenance

Wikipedia-Free online encyclopedia and description of Earth Sheltering


Earth House Dictionary of Earth type buildings.

Earth Berm-Earth is usually sloped against the side of the house on at least 1 side for insulation effect.

Earth Covered-Similar to Earth Sheltered. Soil covers the roof, usually lightly; as in 1-8 inches.

Earth Dwelling-Can mean a home for animals or humans, usually with walls that are made of earth, wood and/or stone.

Earth House-Any earth covered or earthern building. Does not have to be buried.

Earth Pod-A relatively new term denoting an Earthship type dwelling.

Earthship-Utilizes recycled materials such as cans, tires etc mixed with earth.

Earth-Sheltered-Usually Covered on all sides but one which is usually open consisting of windows, though there are variations..

Underground House-Often intermingled with Earth Shelter, it is completely buried up to a depth of 30 feet, often with no visible entrance.