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 The home is a Formworks Building structure. I call it a “Nest Egg” structure on Earth House and it is built by Formworks which is in my top 2 or 3 favorite sites for what I call impressive structures.

 It is basically a 50' x 86" elongated dome with a connected 24' x 66" garage and shop area.  A 24' x 36' detached caretakers/barn is included.  On Formworks web site under their Configurations section, there are two pictures of it.  In the left column, third picture down and is the second one down in the right column.


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Pagosa Springs Colorado

Earth Sheltered Structure designed by Formworks Building Inc.

These homes are designed to withstand disasters

Situated on 4.19 acres


Construction Photos 070


Rocky Mountain Investment Opportunity   

  A profitable situation monetarily or otherwise is in order for the person or any business concern which has the means to complete the unfinished Earth-Sheltered project I began but am forced to sell due mainly to a divorce and some health reasons. 

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 The structure is a 50’x 86’ elongated concrete dome. Manufactured by Formworks Building Inc., in Durango, Colorado ( 

A concrete dome type built by Dale Pearcy from Formworks and constructed beginning in 1998 and over a period of 5 years.

It is connected to city water and has its own huge septic system.


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 It is a very large structure and has the capability to house comfortably a very large family group at any given time. The square footage is around 9000 square feet in the main house, being dependent on how you utilize the space.  Designed with maximum strength in mind, it is meant to be safe and secure and will be able to protect your family and your assets against most man-made or naturally occurring disasters.  The interior Shot-Crete has an estimated strength of 12,000 pounds per square inch. 


 inside of formworks structure   

 The hardest part of this project has been completed and was the excavation of the soil, the erection of the steel, and the application of the Shot-Crete which is air placed concrete.  The air compacts the concrete, giving it additional strength.  The entire structure has been waterproofed, insulated, and completely back-filled with earth.

Backfill of Structure by Courtyard

 At this point of construction, any competent Builder anywhere should have no problem with its completion.

This unique structure is located 8 miles north of the City of Pagosa Springs in the San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado off of County road 300. 

View East of Pagosa Peak

 Toward the East loom the high peaks along the Continental Divide surrounding the Wolf Creek Pass and Wolf Creek Ski area. 

An hour to the West lies Durango, home of the World famous “Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad”, used in many “John Wayne Westerns”, and other classics like “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”. 

 Continuing on further West toward Cortez, are the ruins of the “Mesa-Verde Cliff Dwellings”, and is just one of many world-class destinations in the South West Colorado area. 

 In the midst of this beautiful scenery and all of its mountain splendor, this “Earth Friendly” property,  with a replacement cost of more than 1.5M, shows signs of being a world class destination of its own at some point in the future!



This unique Earth Sheltered Home is a fifty by eighty-six foot elongated Concrete Dome.  A six foot wide by 30 foot long tunnel joins the house to the combined garage/shop. 


Carved Stone on Front Garage


This finished area is twenty-four feet wide by sixty-six feet in length.  An additional twenty-four by thirty-six foot earth sheltered out building could be used as a barn or caretakers home gives a total of 10,500 square feet! 


Caretakers Quarters


 Most people have never had the opportunity to view the inside of any dome structure, especially a large one like this.  The kind of excitement most people exhibit at first sight, will probably affect any purchaser is a like manner and may furnish them with an ample amount of inspiration to finish this project. 


Construction Photos 068


This type of structure has a minimum life span of several hundred years, but more likely to still be standing in a thousand years.  This home was built to last under many adverse conditions and truly is an “investment in time”, standing the test of time, being handed down generation after generation.



 Having the benefits of Earth Sheltering, it will be as comfortable as it is secure.  The final floor plan is open to as far as your imagination will take you, to show only your good taste and be best suited to your individual needs.  

Below is the work bench

Left of Shop Workbench

 Middle of Shop Workbench


Live in a structure which has been proved to withstand the worst part of any natural or man-made disaster.  Protect your family and your assets through any critical times the future may bring!   It is the smart thing to do! 



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