American Fortresses


The Greenbrier Bunker-Built under The Greenbrier, a luxurious Southern resort, the facility was designed to house the members of the House of Representatives and the Senate in case of nuclear attack.


Welcome to American Fortresses-places around America which are publicly listed. I hope you will enjoy these links. Links verified June 21, 2011

Civil Defense Museum-You can read about various facts including type of supplies, air raid sirens, audio and video history and more. Sanitation kit.

Conelrad-A unusual look at the history of life under the threat of the Atomic Bomb.

Gimme Shelter-CNN story on congressional bomb shelters that outlive usefulness.

Mount Pony-Radiation hardened underground facility built in 1969 now used by the Library of Congress. Virginia

Mt. Weather-Secret US Complex-Interesting story about this secret facility in Virginia. FAS site on MW

Network of Bunkers in the US-Preparation for the US Gov't to continue if the disaster takes out the Pentagon and White House.

Norad Underground Complex-Canadian site finished in the early sixties. A few pictures.

"SITE R," - In a crisis that threatened national security, senior civilian and military officials would relocate from Washington to this nuclear warfighting command center, built deep inside a solid rock mountain near the bucolic town of Blue Ridge Summit, Pa. More from Global Security

Washington Post-Ultimate congressional hideaway. Bomb shelter.