air resources


Instrument Depot-Various kits, sensors, meters, calibrators, detectors and tons more.


Pac III-One of many air monitoring products from SKC.


Scott Instruments-This wireless gas detector can detect a multitude of gases specific to your facility.


Without quality air the human body begins to suffer. Mold, allergies, headaches, colds and the flu and even unconsciousness and death can result with improper air or circulation. In Alberta two children died when descending into their root cellar. Not due to rotting vegetables or carbon dioxide but because there was too much nitrogen in the air. Read thru this page. Study it carefully. Find the answers and solutions to breathing fresh air.

Air Advice-This company has developed a product that continuously monitors the quality of the air.

Air Quality Sciences-Excellent info on sick building syndrome, green products, and so much more.

Austin Business Journal-Interesting story about water cooling the house

Building Air Quality-Texas based consulting firm in business to identify and eliminate Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) problems in commercial buildings. I now understand robots can check out your ducts for quality control.

Carbon Dioxide-Information on this gas. This company also can draw out quality CO2 from the exhaust. Interesting stuff.

Dadanco-AU-Supply cooling, heating and outdoor air required for ventilation in conditioned areas, while being whisper quiet.

EMF Safety-They provide meters, detectors, shielding and low emf appliances.

Germany's Fraunhofer Institute of Solar Energy Systems (ISE) has developed an air-conditioning unit which, though more expensive to install than a standard, electrically driven system of the same capacity, will consume only half as much electricity.

Gypsum Plaster Boards-Somewhat technical abstract on radon dangers of using certain types of plaster boards in your construction.

Honeywell-Even earth sheltered homes need to have temperature zones and Honeywell's product can help create it.

Infiltec-Concerned about Radon? This company specializes in dealing with radon and radon mitigation.

MG Innovations-This Finnish company has created something called Air-To-Air Enthalpy Recovery Ventilator-It is supposed to be good for large buildings. Keeps mold close to zero. Difficult to understand but sounds promising.

NW Mechanical-European designed heating and air quality products.

Oxysure-The company has developed a third generation catalytic process and methodology to generate medically pure (USP) oxygen from two proprietary inert powders.

Panasonic Ventilation fans-I was quite impressed with the number and variety of energy saving products on this page. Keep your home healthy and the air pure.

Passive Air-Ideas on using natural air in hot/cold climates.

Venta Airwasher-High quality machine that humidifies and purifies the air.

W E Kuriger-Air quality monitors for every occasion.`



IAQA-A nonprofit, multi-disciplined organization, dedicated to promoting the exchange of indoor environmental information, through education and research, for the safety and well being of the general public.


Fujita's Earth Air Purifier Systems -EAPs are an environmentally friendly way of improving urban air quality by taking advantage of naturally-occuring biological and biochemical processes.