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The hub for information on Earth Sheltered news and updates. If your interest leans towards the underground, find here technical publications on alternative homes plus disaster preparation for the world that's coming.

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*"The Earth Is my Insurance. My home is covered by it." 01/09/03 Joel Akin


The Box of Life

October 2014

by Joel Akin


  A help line is given for the sake of freedom.

This is why Earth House is slow to take off, we have been quite ill and have not done any work. For this reason forgive me if you have wanted help but could not find answers that were meant to be here.

The Earth House is a concept and it, like Earth Sheltered, is based on the concept of the builders or architects.

As a request would anyone consider sponsoring the running of Earth House on their server just in case things go off at some time in the future?

Also, I need input of people who have some kind of income so they can show me how to build in a forum for those who want it rather then those who do not. A firm can sponsor and show their wish for this site to mature and hold on into the future.

The fact is I need help.

I have tried to keep this site going but there has been some issues regarding those who have listed. I have worked on the concept of the 1% solution where that donation can be given if I help you find a buyer but that has worked greatly but none has then been able to grant any further help to me and financially I am pretty broke.

So here are some suggestions maybe you can help donate with emphasis that I need some technical expertise but none who drop things on me because I am not well enough to keep things marked on a daily basis

I have a wish to make this site faster and better but I cannot use Photoshop and other technical site creators as I do not have a clue and thinking while in pain is a hard thing to do so help me by thinking of what codes do and show me what I should do to make Earth House better.

I want to make Real Estate fun but I am getting hit so much by people who mark this site as untrustworthy in one way or another. They think me a scammer  and one who earns tough money from poor people yet I earn a few dollars once in a blue moon from advertisers but not as a scammer. The fact is its a lonely job and a hard work(of one) to get the word out now since 1998.

So is there a Corporation out there, anywhere in the world, that will pick up a small yearly tab of helping keep ideas flowing regarding Survival Technology?

I love simplicity.

Thus if Japan has one guy who reads this but cannot find answers, then write and tell me so and say “Try this” and give me suggestions on who to reach in Japan for sponsorship because we all have a pan heart and a pan of life in hope to make life better and fun for those who love Earth Sheltered without the stink of it or the robbing of others of their wealth by creating homes that fail the test of life itself.

I am convinced I need help so who out there can offer:

1. A house that is earth sheltered to me to live in somewhere in the world? Of course living here is sponsored in part by AiSH which is assured income for the severely handicapped. I have dystonia and it causes me a lot of pain for those who know it is similar to M.S. and can shake me to pieces inside if I am not able to keep calm and avoid stress and Earth House was my hope to earn an income and not be seen as a thief by people who have no clue.

2. Earth House is one of a number of ideas that builds upon freedom for the common man in times that are tough. It is a design that is meant to make individuals and small groups totally independent if a culture/nation begins to fail.

Why is it that I have had things happen to me with government so they have cast down what I am doing and made me a pariah by having high powered search providers remove me from top positions that were there for years?

We are in desperate sets of sorrows and I had answers and someone apparently saw me as a thief sent to make trouble, but I am a man of God who prays that I might show this site as one sent to me specifically as an idea by God.

He held me up to encouragement for years to build this site and a few others, all have failed and all have strangely failed so as of today I am starting everything from scratch because my computers began to fail one by one by one after each effort on the Internet.

I got frustrated but I clung to God and kept going and now I have nothing again due to a very strange failure of two full years where someone went into what I had saved and none of the backups had the specific files I needed to restore things and all those works are lost or destroyed along with a computer that failed without allowing me to keep a backup of things I had created for the Internet.

Everything I do has fallen silent on the Net and yet despite all I have tried and tried and tried after all my dozens of failures.

3. The price of development has been I save every penny extra to build new failures and they fail and then fail again with all things failing again and again until I am now in bad shape and unable to hope that I can earn an income from getting people to listen.

Yet if this is the end it would be a final end as in my own life being tormented and my body covering in welts and my brain in continuous pain in ways I find hard to explain to anyone without telling them its warfare over the individuals right to survive.

I wish I had an answer as to who hates what I do. I would avoid them if possible and try again for the hundred X I have had to rebuild it after each failure.

So for the sake of prayer to those who will allow me to state that I am a Christian and that I pray and that God speaks quietly to me on ideas on giving me some hope to keep on going.

They don’t need to visit this site but if you can find an idea to help me without asking for wealth, I will listen.

Till then I close

Joel Akin

Calgary, Canada